Warranty Find out what makes us the right place to buy your next vehicle.

We go further to protect you from nasty repair bills

All of our cars come with a standard Warranty.

We are currently running an exclusive offer where we can offer a 12 Month extended Warranty for ONLY £199

Warranties only work if they deliver when it’s time to claim, and that’s what we’re all about.

Please see below some of the features of our extended Warranty or contact us for further details of our used vehicle warranty.

Multiple claims covered

There’s no limit on the number of claims you make – as long as each repair doesn’t exceed the Glass’s Guide book value of your car.

Keeping you on the road

Where applicable, we contribute to recovery of your vehicle, car hire, hotel and travel costs. Nice to know if you’re away from home.

No mileage limit

Once your policy starts, there’s no restriction on your mileage. Great if you commute to work and clock up the miles!

Wear and tear included

Wear and tear items (such as wheel bearings) are covered, subject to the T&Cs for each plan. A nice bonus for extra value.

Cover for consequential damage

If a non-covered part causes damage to a covered part, we still honour the claim. Some warranty companies don’t cover this.

Huge choice of garages

Rather than having to use garages from a particular network or bring your vehicle all the way back to us if your have travelled for your purchase, you can take your vehicle to any VAT-registered garage.